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Ankur Sharma

Manager I, Software Quality Engineering
Software Technology Solutions India (STSI)

We are the engineers of possible: ‘Boomeranging’ Back to BD

For Ankur Sharma, an early role with CareFusion for 10 months during 2010-2011 left an indelible impression on him as a software quality engineer (SQE) at the Software Technology Solutions India (STSI) facility.

“I know it was a quick stay with the company during that time, but I did not realize how much I was learning, growing, and gaining confidence working as the SQE Automation point-of-contact for one of our products,” said Ankur. “My team manager really supported me and gave me so much confidence as a software quality engineer. Only when I left did I realize how much I missed this organization. I missed the connected company culture. I missed the additional opportunities to enhance my skill set and knowledge. It was then that I re-joined CareFusion in 2013, which would then be acquired by BD in 2015.”

With a decade under his belt since re-joining, Ankur said he has never looked back or thought twice about “boomeranging” back to the company. He breaks down three of the main reasons why he stays with BD: Growth opportunities, learning from leaders, and open communication.

Growth Opportunities

He has worked in the following profiles:

     Software Quality Engineer (SQE)

    Senior SQE Engineer

    Lead SQE

    Manager I, SQE (current profile)

With each profile, Ankur has had increasing responsibilities, but the thing that has always been common is ‘Accountability and Responsibility’, which he feels is the most important skill to grow professionally into leadership roles. “We have all heard from someone or read about the impact employers can have on their employees’ growth, learning and development. I have continued to experience this at BD. It’s powerful and one of the key reasons I stay here.”

Learn from the Leaders

Ankur noted: “Work and company may change but people remain constant throughout our life. One such important person in anybody's life who can help shape their career / or give them a turning point is the leader with whom we work. In BD, I have seen managers/seniors lead by example. This has inspired and encouraged me to follow in their footsteps.”

Open Communication

“Feedback is fundamental to creating a company culture that is truly collaborative, inclusive, and will engage employees. In BD STSI, I feel that any employee can reach out to a Manager, Director and discuss their concerns, and share feedback at any time. I feel that we have an open-door policy and there have been several times that I have been a part of the conversations, discussions, feedback sessions with my managers and superiors without feeling any hesitation. This has helped me a lot professionally and personally,” said Ankur.

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