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1. Purpose and Scope

Becton Dickinson Canada Inc., Bard Canada Inc., GeneOhm Sciences, Inc., Synergie Médicale BRG Inc. (individually and together “BD Canada”) recognize the importance of privacy and the sensitivity of Personal Information (as defined below). This Applicant Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) was developed in accordance with the requirements of privacy laws applicable to BD Canada’s operations in Canada.

This Policy applies to the collection, use, communication, retention and other processing of Personal Information relating the BD Canada application and recruitment process. It does not apply to the collection, use, communication, retention and other processing of Personal Information of BD Canada employees.

    2. What is “Personal Information?”

    “Personal Information” is information about an identifiable individual which allows that individual to be identified directly or indirectly, and includes data such as age, income, date of birth, social insurance number, and, to the extent required, health information.

    “Business Contact Information” is information concerning the performance of duties within an organization by an individual, such as name, business address, business title, professional designation(s) or business telephone number, and, depending on applicable privacy laws, is either not considered to be personal information or is considered to be a less sensitive form of information that is subject to fewer restrictions. For the purposes of this Policy, Personal Information does not include Business Contact Information, except where expressly required by applicable privacy laws.

      3. The Personal Information we collect

      BD Canada collects some or all of the following elements of Personal Information about job applicants, as reasonably required for the purposes of its recruitment process and in accordance with applicable law:

      • Personal contact information, including name and residential address;
      • Information relating to eligibility to work;
      • Application information, including resume or CV, covering letter, reference letters, and interview notes;
      • Prior employment or academic history, including previous positions, evaluations, performance reviews, disciplinary actions, and promotions;
      • Background, criminal record, and reference checks (to the extent permitted by and in accordance with applicable laws)‎;
      • ‎Medical information that may be required for the purpose of accommodation during the ‎application process;
      • ‎If an offer of employment is made, date of birth, Social Insurance Number, and information relating to spouses and dependents and other information required to establish the employment relationship and enroll the employee in benefit plans (if applicable); and
      • Other information, as may be required to administer the application process.

        4. Purposes and methods of collection

        BD Canada collects only the Personal Information from job applicants that is necessary for the purposes of the application process, in accordance with applicable law. Examples of specific purposes for which BD Canada may collect, use or disclose your Personal Information include:

        • evaluating applications for employment, making hiring decisions, and determining the terms of offers of employment;
        • managing the recruitment processes and procedures;
        • managing and protecting BD Canada’s property, equipment and assets;
        • investigating, managing and addressing legal matters such as harassment complaints, unlawful ‎behavior, criminal behavior, fraud, civil claims, ‎and insurance matters;‎
        • assisting BD Canada in any dispute, mediation, arbitration, or litigation involving applicants in any capacity; and
        • providing information to third parties in connection with transactions that BD Canada contemplates or carries out.

        BD Canada normally collects Personal Information directly from applicants as part of the recruitment process. We may, in certain cases, collect this information from other persons with your consent, or as authorized by law.

        5. Consent

        BD Canada will ask you to give your consent to collect, use, or disclose your Personal Information for the purposes of the application process, except where the collection, use or disclosure without consent is authorized or required by law.

        Please note that if you refuse to provide certain elements of your Personal Information, BD Canada may be ‎unable to process your employment application.‎

        You have the right to withdraw your consent to the communication or use of your Personal Information at any time. ‎However, if you withdraw your consent, BD Canada will not be able to continue with the application ‎process. ‎

        6. Disclosure of your Personal Information

        BD Canada may engage third parties (including affiliates, subsidiaries, or third-party service providers, advisors, and consultants) to provide administrative or technical services to us. These service providers may process your Personal Information on our behalf. The categories of service providers who we may share your Personal Information with include:

        • Recruitment services providers;
        • Cloud computing/data back-up services;
        • Information security experts;
        • Accountants, auditors, and other professional advisors; and
        • Other vendors and service providers providing services necessary to manage the application process.

        These service providers are required by us to use any information that they receive only to perform the services for which they have been hired by us and they are required to comply with our Privacy Policy.

        We may also disclose your Personal Information to other affiliates and segments of Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD), as reasonably necessary to fulfil the purposes described in this Policy.

        Some of these third parties may be located outside of your province or territory of residence in Canada, including in other countries. Applicable laws in those jurisdictions might permit foreign governments, courts, law enforcement or regulatory agencies to access the information in those jurisdictions. In these cases, BD Canada will comply with local law requirements relating to the conditions for access to and disclosure of Personal Information.

        We may also, to the extent required or permitted by applicable law, disclose Personal Information to law enforcement and government agencies.

          7. Updating your Information

          Since BD Canada uses your Personal Information to administer various aspects of the application process, it is important that the information be accurate and up to date. If any of your information changes, please inform us promptly so that we can make any necessary changes.

          8. Is my Personal Information secure?

          BD Canada takes reasonable precautions designed to ensure that your Personal Information is kept safe from loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. Among the steps taken to protect your information are:

          • Premises security;
          • Restricted file access to Personal Information;
          • Deploying technological safeguards such as security software and firewalls to prevent hacking or unauthorized computer access; and
          • Internal password and security policies.

          9. Access to your Personal Information

          You can request access to and rectification of your Personal Information stored by or on behalf of BD Canada. Requests should be made in writing and directed to the Director Human Resources at Upon receiving such a request, BD Canada will, in a timely manner, and within 30 days or such other period as permitted by applicable law:

          • Inform you about what type of Personal Information we have on record or in our control, how it is used and to whom it may have been disclosed;
          • Provide you with access to this Personal Information or reasons for not providing access;
          • Make any necessary updates to your Personal Information; and
          • At your request, provide you with a machine-readable copy of your Personal Information and transfer it to another third party of your choice.

          If BD Canada holds information about you and if you can establish that it is not accurate, complete and up-to-date, we will take reasonable steps to correct it. If a request to correct the accuracy of your Personal Information is not resolved to your satisfaction, we will make a note to the Personal Information that the correction was requested but not made.

          10. How long do you keep my Personal Information?

          If you apply to BD Canada for a job, we need to consider your Personal Information as part of our application process. When we use Personal Information render a decision affecting you, we will retain this information for at least one year after such decision. Otherwise, we will destroy, erase or make anonymous (to the extent permitted by applicable laws) documents or ‎other records containing Personal Information as soon as the original ‎purpose of collection is achieved and retention is no longer necessary ‎for a legal or business purpose.‎

          If BD Canada offers you a job that you accept, your Personal Information will be retained in accordance with our privacy procedures for employee records.

          11. Communicating with us

          You should be aware that email is not a 100% secure medium, and you should be aware of this when contacting BD Canada to send personal or other confidential information.

          12. Changes to this Privacy Policy

          We may make changes to this Policy from time to time. We will provide notice of such changes. If the scope of our collection, use, or disclosure of your Personal Information is modified ‎as a result of such changes, you may, if required by applicable law, be asked to confirm ‎your consent to such revised policy.‎

          13. Questions, concerns of complaints about Privacy or this Policy

          Any questions, complaints or concerns regarding the privacy of your Personal Information, the storage of your information, this Policy or our privacy procedures and practices should be directed in writing to Director Human Resources at BD Canada will respond in a timely manner to your questions, concerns and complaints.

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