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Ben Redgell

Social Media Manager, Employee Communications Tools and Technology

We are the connectors of possible: Communicator. ID&E and LGBTQ+ Advocate. Continuous Learner.

Ben Redgell is naturally curious. And always eager to learn more.

His inquisitive nature has proved beneficial during his more than eight years working for BD. It’s enabled him to find fulfillment and success since starting with the company during his placement year at university. Today, Ben works in a global role as a social media manager on the Corporate Communications Team.

“I’ve held several communications and digital marketing roles – internally and public-facing since I came to the company. I’m always looking to learn more and naturally question a lot of things because I want to truly understand them. I remember asking to participate in people manager training a few years ago. The request caught the team a little off guard because I was not a people manager at the time, but my thought process was, how can I become a successful people manager one day if I don’t know what’s expected of me?” explains Ben. A few months after completing the training, Ben became a people manager.

Helping educate others on ID&E

Armed with a degree in International Business Studies from Bournemouth University, Ben enjoys working with others from around the world as he creates social media content that communicates who BD is, the values of the company, the people, and, of course, products and solutions. But his passion for connecting and educating does not stop there. From June 2021 to October 2023, Ben was the global co-lead for the Out & Proud Employee Network (OPEN) Associate Resource Group.

“I came out as gay during my third year at university. Despite being heavily involved in ID&E since joining BD, there was always one topic I avoided: being LGBTQ+. When I finally felt ready and took the plunge to lead the UK’s first Pride Month event, I remember feeling like I was coming out all over again but this time, to my colleagues,” said Ben. “But the level of support I’ve received has been nothing short of amazing. Leading OPEN for two years was incredible, challenging at times as we more than doubled our number of OPEN chapters, created the OPEN Education Center, and most importantly, provided support and responded to events that affected the LGBTQ+ community,”

Before leading OPEN, Ben was part of the ID&E EMEA Council for many years, bringing his knowledge, previous research, and experience to the council for them to leverage at their sites across the region. Recognizing the importance of not being prescriptive to the local ID&E teams across the region to allow for the nuance of culture and context in their countries and sites, Ben helped the teams explore several topics including gender equity, women in leadership, bridging generational differences, and of course, LGBTQ+ Pride.

What is your possible at BD?

When asked about how he is a maker of possible at BD, Ben quickly relates his work to inspiration he draws from music. “Just like a song, or a carefully crafted album, communications also have the power to evoke strong emotions and inspire change or action. If I can help a customer understand the width and breadth of BD’s portfolio and how it spans across the entire care continuum or if I can help one of our associates more deeply connect with our Purpose of advancing the world of health™, that is how I can make an impact at BD.”

Keys to Success at BD

Ben is confident when he offers a few attributes required for success at BD: Be curious, be adaptable, and be willing to challenge and be part of our speak-up culture.

“There’s this openness at BD that I really appreciate. My advice is to look beyond your current role to learn more about career possibilities at BD. By doing this, you can start to see how and where you could add value – don’t let an org chart or your job description stop you from reaching out and getting involved with other areas of the business outside of your own. You will not be able to join a senior-leader team call tomorrow, but I promise you will get told ‘yes’ more often than ‘no’ if you just ask to be involved,” concluded Ben.

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