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Eva Welinder, the BD Biosciences Marketing Manager for the Nordic Region,

Eva Welinder

BDB Nordic Marketing Manager

We are the creators of possible: Concept of Connectedness rings strong for Marketer

Assisting patients of today while being on the cutting-edge of the science of tomorrow is just one of the reasons why Eva Welinder has enjoyed working for BD for the past decade.

As the BD Biosciences Marketing Manager for the Nordic Region, her background in chemical engineering suits her well for both the commercial side and the science aspects of her role. She is responsible for leading Nordic marketing for the entire portfolio of BDB to customers and healthcare professionals.

“I’ve always considered myself a BD associate – someone who is not just a specialist in one area of the company, but a part of the organization’s journey overall, which has been really exciting,” Eva said. “Being educated in science for my role is advantageous because I can understand the science behind the solutions we bring to customers.”

From Sweden to San Diego

Eva spent a handful of years in San Diego attending the University of California, to obtain her PhD in Immunology. It was also the place where a strong mentor relationship with a colleague from another company in the med tech industry was forged.

“It did not occur to me at first what I could do with a science background, until I connected with someone I have long considered my mentor, who explained that my degree would serve me well in sales or marketing,” Eva explained. “He emphasized that problem-solving skills are a perfect fit for sales or marketing. People buy something to solve a problem they are having. This guidance helped influence my career decision.”

BD = Connected

When asked what one word she uses to describe BD, “connected” instantly comes to Eva’s mind.  “We are connected as colleagues across BD. We are connected to society – on a global basis. And our efforts – collectively – are powerful in helping patients all over the world,” Eva said.

And within that connection, Eva finds herself appreciative and grateful for the network she has built at BD and her teammates and leaders.

“One of the main reasons why I stay at BD is the people. BD really challenges you to take on new things, and this organization and its leaders are super supportive of growth and helping you develop,” said Eva. “I’ve always had great leaders who I feel have had my back. You cannot always perform at 110% and good leaders understand and know how to support you during the hard times. When you feel this sense of psychological safety, you are comfortable to venture outside your comfort zone and you feel good about the company you work for.”

She also notes that as supported as she has felt as an individual, she has felt equally supported as a people manager at the company. “I had the opportunity early in my BD career to become a people manager, which was important to me and still is. As I’ve managed others over the past several years, I’ve been greatly supported with training and coaching as I’ve grown into the leader role and how to better enable and support my team, which I find motivating,” explained Eva.

When Eva is not supporting customers and members of her team, she might be found outdoors spending time with family and friends, doing yoga, or reading one of the latest Nordic noir crime thrillers.

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