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Himanshu Dhiman

Leader of software quality engineers in the Software Technology Solutions India (STSI)

We are the engineers of possible: The Power of Staying Positive

For Himanshu Dhiman, a leader of software quality engineers in the Software Technology Solutions India (STSI), one of the biggest differentiators of BD compared to other companies -- is the people. The diversity of the people. The quality of the people. The level of support and teamwork. Prior to joining BD, he worked at another organization for three years.

“The best thing about working at BD is the sheer diversity of the teams and the quality of our teams. It’s so inspiring to have a great work environment and to be working on things that help impact lives around the world with our products and solutions,” said Himanshu. “I’ve been with BD for seven years now and I’m always amazed at how powerful we are as an organization and the things we accomplish to support healthcare.”

Positive Attitude Goes a Long Way

That being said, Himanshu noted that there are some days when staying motivated can be challenging. To combat this, he pivots his thinking and reorients himself back to goals he set for himself, the team he leads, the BD purpose, and, most importantly, The BD Way, which is the thread that unites all BD associates.

“If I demonstrate that I’m motivated and show up with a positive mental attitude, it rubs off on the team. I believe that it’s critical to be a role model for my team for us to succeed,” said Himanshu. “We are the creators of opportunities that push the limits of possible when it comes to career journeys and goals.”

Growth Mindset Fuels Learning and Development

It also helps that BD places a significant emphasis on continuous learning, which inspires Himanshu to dive deeper into all of the learning and development resources available at the company, which keeps him moving forward with additional technical and leadership knowledge.

“Those with drive and commitment to advance our purpose will find an environment that constantly inspires them to deliver quality solutions,” said Himanshu. “Your ability to learn and grow is pretty incredible at BD. If you truly want an organization where you can shape your career, then this is the place.”

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