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Supply Chain Manager for BD Zaragoza, Spain, plant - Maria Jesus Ruber

Maria Jesus Ruber

Supply Chain Manager

We are the manufacturers of possible: Putting the Pieces Together as a Supply Chain Manager

As a Supply Chain Manager for the not-yet-opened BD Zaragoza, Spain, plant, Maria Jesus Ruber is busy preparing for the launch of the site.

While no two days are the same right now, she is focused on developing the overall supply chain function – which covers everything from supplier conversations to developing workflows and processes, and from hiring personnel to understanding customer needs.

It’s a role she treasures, and which allows her to understand nearly every facet and department of the plant and some days, it is like putting a complex puzzle together.

“A supply chain role is exciting because you interact with finance, production, quality, and others. You get the full view of how production will work and how raw materials will enter the plant and leave as finished products,” explained Maria. “I came from the automotive industry so the principles of how a supply chain works are similar in the med-tech space – it’s making sure all of the puzzle pieces in the chain are working right, the team is connected, and that we are getting product out the door to the customer on time.”

At BD, we are People who give Possibilities Purpose

Maria joined BD in November 2022 after seeing an article in the local newspaper announcing the intent to build a plant within her hometown, which motivated her to do some investigating about who BD was and if her experience in supply chain management would benefit the organization.

As the recruiting process took over, Maria found herself enjoying connecting with various BD leaders and associates and felt the culture was – and still is – one of the reasons why she joined the organization.

“The culture here is open, welcoming, encouraging you to speak up and ensuring high levels of collaboration – which align well with how I work and my personal values. It’s brave to leave one company for another, but I know I made the right move,” said Maria.

Chemical Engineer by Trade Carves Unique Career Path

Maria actually did not begin her career as a Supply Chain Manager. She graduated from Universidad de Zaragoza (The University of Zaragoza) with a degree in chemical engineering. After graduation, she joined P&G as an R&D Process Developer, then left about three years later to join Kimberly-Clark as a Product and Material Developer.

She made the leap into supply chain management during a short time with professional services firm Accenture and then spent more than eight years with General Motors in supply chain for its Spain manufacturing facility. Her role previous to BD was as the Head of Logistics for Schmitz Cargobull AG, where she stayed for four years.

Maria likes to say she “enrolled in this adventure with BD” late last fall when she joined the company and would not change her decision for the world. “I am enjoying my time with BD and being able to stand up a new plant is a career milestone that I may never have the opportunity to do again, so I’m very excited.”

Looking to the Future

As she looks ahead to opening the plant, which is currently planned for Spring 2024 Q2 FY25, Maria is already feeling very proud of all that’s been accomplished and what the future holds with regard to more career growth and opportunities.

“I know myself and everyone at the plant will feel so proud and accomplished when our first shipment of product from regular production goes out the door and I cannot wait for that time,” says Maria.

When she is not concentrating on supply chain items for the site and during her personal time, Maria loves to travel and cook. One of the best vacations she has experienced was a trip to Costa Rica, where she explained that the sheer beauty and level of care the local citizens have for the area is admirable.

“It was so impressive to interact with local people and see the respect and amount of care they have toward their local environment. It was an incredible experience,” concluded Maria.

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