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Mya Daily-Haddix 

Senior Clinical Manager within BD’s Medication Delivery Solutions (MDS)
Salt Lake City 

We are the makers of possible: Advancing the World of Health™ Inspires a Career Choice

Mya Daily-Haddix’s career inspiration was forged from a diagnosis her 18-month-old niece received – Hypoplastic Left Heart. Sitting bedside night after night observing home health nurses tend to her niece’s care lit a spark and passion in Mya. One that she carried out by first attending nursing school, and then attending paramedic school.

“I’ve been a nurse for 23 years. It’s a little unusual for people to start in nursing and then become a paramedic, but it had a purpose in my life. Being a labor and delivery nurse and then working critical care for years taught me a lot and I enjoyed providing care. The skills I gained in both roles are completely transferrable to the work I do at BD,” explained Mya. She has been with the company for eight years.

Empowered by Growth Mindset and Speak up Culture

As a Senior Clinical Manager within BD’s Medication Delivery Solutions (MDS) business, Mya oversees a team of 15 clinicians who serve as nurse educators – teaching hospital and care setting nurses about different BD products and solutions. During the past year, due to the company’s focus on empowering a growth mindset and innovative thinking, Mya was able to speak up and share an idea she had with senior leaders. Something that would open the aperture to new talent pools for clinical training resources.

“We typically hire those with only nursing backgrounds. But we were challenged with training on a newly-acquired product that required a significant number of resources.  That’s when I thought outside of what we have always done and considered that phlebotomists and paramedics have deep knowledge of IVs and the lab draw process too, which makes them great candidates for this area of clinical training,” explained Mya. “I loved that I built the business plan for how this could work and received immense support from our leadership -- and now we hire from these talent pools that we never tapped into before.  It’s so exciting to already see this team grow and flourish.  We started with just five in January 2022, and now we are already at a team of 15 and growing!”

BD welcomes people who are passionate about creating a positive and strategic impact on patient experiences while advancing the world of health™ through boldness and innovation.

BD offers an Inclusive Culture and Myriad Opportunities

When it comes to her tenure with BD, Mya easily calls out why she remains inspired to work here: the respect and support she receives – both professionally and personally.

“I am valued at BD. I’ve worked at several large care environments in the past, but I know BD values my skills, experience, and perspective. I also have a wife to whom I’ve been married for 16 years. BD is an extremely inclusive environment, which I appreciate,” said Mya. “The company not only supports my lifestyle, but also really values the perspective that nurses can bring to the business.”

Mya said there are nearly limitless career opportunities at BD – especially for those who have nursing backgrounds. She also adds that success at BD is centered on collaboration, along with teamwork and ‘help each other be great’ mentality.

“I sometimes remind my team that they are no longer working bedside directly caring for the patients, but instead helping educate the nurses who do care for patients. The more we can elevate knowledge and proper usage of our products, the more we can impact individual patient health outcomes. BD offers so much opportunity – there are challenges that we work through as well – but in terms of growth, learning, development, and advancement, the sheer volume of opportunities is part of the beauty of this organization,” she concluded.

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