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Rosi Velazquez

Sales Territory Manager for BD Vascular Access Devices (VAD)
Salt Lake City

We are the makers of possible: A Sales Career Influenced by Dad

Rosi Velazquez joined BD more than eight years ago driven by personal experience and a fire in her belly to foster change.

When her dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it was not the chemotherapy that he found the most challenging part of battling the disease – it was the number of needle sticks that were the most painful part of his experience overall.

“It was really difficult watching how much pain the process caused him and that he was not able to get the fluids and medication as seamlessly as he should have because of the multiple needle sticks,” Rosi said. “His experience directly influenced my decision to join BD at the time. I promised that I would do all I could to make sure other dads would not have to go through the same painful experience.”

Leading the Way to Help Patient Care

Rosi is a Sales Territory Manager for BD Vascular Access Devices (VAD) helping hospitals in Seattle, Wash., and Alaska. She is responsible for providing education and selling BD solutions to healthcare professionals and hospital systems, however, she feels like she serves an even greater purpose.  

“I truly believe that I am helping our customers deliver better patient care in the end. I deliver on the company’s Vascular Access Management Program by helping customers identify any gaps in standards that we can help enhance using a Lean/Six Sigma approach, and then identifying the right BD product for them,” Rosi explains.

Her commitment to advancing the world of health™ is something that can be felt across the globe as BD associates work together to make products that patients, families, and their healthcare professionals rely on, but it’s the passion Rosi brings to her work daily that keeps her motivated and engaged.

“I am so proud to work for BD. We are a market leader and an influential organization that is having a massive amount of impact across healthcare worldwide. And I know my customers feel the passion I bring to my work and the care I extend in helping them elevate patient care,” said Rosi.

Family Roots Continue to Inspire

Rosi shares that she remains motivated and inspired to do all that she can to contribute to BD and the world around her as a first-generation Mexican immigrant. Her dad and mom came to the U.S. as migrant farm workers, which is something that left an indelible imprint on her career path and vision for herself. She came to the U.S. when she was five years old and wakes up every morning with a large sense of pride, but also gratitude for what she’s been able to accomplish.

“Where I came from keeps me striving and working hard to do more and to help others. Through BD, I’ve been able to feel a sense of belonging with the HOLA ARG, as I serve as a co-leader for that associate group. During my time outside of work, I’ve also established a 501(c)(3) non-profit that builds awareness around migrant farm workers, through which we have raised $17,000 to help six students with scholarships. It’s very gratifying when you can help lift others up,” Rosi said. “I named the non-profit in honor of my dad, so it's the Miguel Velazquez Migrant Education Foundation.”

BD = Strength

When asked what advice she would give others considering joining BD for their next career move, the answer was easy for Rosi: “It’s important for people to reflect on what is important to them. Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives? Review our The BD Way and see if our values align with yours. But whatever you do, don’t just gravitate to a company on name recognition alone, really study if the culture and organization are right for you.”

When considering how she would best describe BD, the word strength is what instantly comes to mind for her. “I get the chance to contribute to something larger than myself every day at BD. BD gives me strength but also, as a world leader in healthcare, it gives so many others strength as well. BD is truly an impactful and wonderful place to work,” Rosi concluded.

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