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Sharlene Murphy

Software Product Owner at the BD R&D Center in Limerick

We are the engineers of possible: Software Product Owner by Day; Hiker and Volunteer by Night

Sharlene Murphy is a go-getter. Armed with a deep desire for continuous learning, she remains focused, sharp, and motivated. And as a Software Product Owner at the BD R&D Center in Limerick, Ireland, these attributes serve her well.

She started her career during a disadvantageous time: the global financial crisis of 2008. Fresh out of her undergrad studies in business, with a concentration in marketing, from the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, she quickly recognized that staying in school to get additional marketing education would be helpful and went on to achieve a post-graduate diploma in marketing from the University of Galway in 2009.

“I came out of school at a poor time to start a career. I ended up leaving Ireland and moving to Dubai to serve as a Marketing Manager for the British Institute for Learning Development,” explains Sharlene. “I enjoy marketing, but I’ve always been really interested in the combination of infotech and marketing together, so I then took a role in Limerick at Cashbook Limited as a Marketing Executive, while also starting classes at the University of Limerick to achieve a Graduate Diploma in Computing.”

BD = People, Possibilities and Purpose

Prior to joining BD, Sharlene made a career pivot from solely focusing on marketing to working at Fidelity Investments as a Systems Analyst/Quality Assurance Engineer, a role she held for nearly four years.

After that came a role with MetLife Insurance Company as a Lead Business System Analyst. But it was BD, says Sharlene, where she found the trifecta for what she sought in an employer: great people, an organization filled with potential and possibilities, as well as one serving a significant purpose in the world. “BD started with humble beginnings as an organization and are now helping labs with computing automation, and so much more. It’s incredible. And an amazing place to work,” she said.

In her current role with the organization, Sharlene helps translate the business needs of BD customers and ferry them back to the software engineering team she supports. One could say it’s a beautiful marriage of applying her marketing experience and skills with the computing skills she has gained. She has been with BD for nearly four years and started as a software analyst in Integrated Diagnostic Solutions (IDS).

Keys to Succeed at BD

As she considers why she appreciates the organization and what it offers her for a career, Sharlene notes that those with an open mind, strong work ethic, and willingness to learn are well-positioned to succeed at BD.

“Opportunity does not land in your lap at BD, but it absolutely exists here. There is so much potential and the possibility to create the career you really want -- that it is astounding to me,” Sharlene noted. “If you need more from your role, need help, or want to explore other roles, management is very open to this. I sit in the same facility as scientists, software, mechanical, and electrical engineers – there is so much I can learn from all of them that it’s not possible to get bored in my role.”

Advice to Others who may be considering BD

“If you are at university, don’t think twice, apply to our co-op programs. I’m so impressed at how sharp our co-ops are. If you are in the middle of your career, think about how I came from a marketing background and I’m now working in the computing space supporting customers. If you are at the end of your career, absolutely go for it if thinking about applying for a role at BD. Do not be hesitant because you may not have med tech experience, after all, I came from fintech and insurance tech to BD,” Sharlene said.

Living her Best and Full Life

When Sharlene is not hard at work supporting customers and her team, she can often be found hiking the mountains in Ireland, taking up belly dancing lessons, volunteering at the local animal shelter or, a more recent addition to her rich life: volunteering for the Irish Red Cross starting in January 2023.

“So we may call them mountains in Ireland, but they are actually just pretty big hills. I like to get out as much as I can during the warmer weather. I do volunteer to help with animals from time-to-time, because I love cats and dogs but am allergic to them so I’m not able to own one,” Sharlene shares. “I am often in the gym and am taking belly dancing lessons, which is actually much harder to do than one would think.”

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