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Tarek Alflity, the BD Peripheral Intervention Product Specialist

Tarek Alflity

Product Specialist, BDI Peripheral Therapies – Arab Peninsula

We are the makers of possible: Fostering a Culture of Empowerment and Support at BD

Tarek Alflity, equipped with a decade-long experience in the healthcare industry, stands on the healthcare frontlines once again. Now serving as a BD Peripheral Intervention Product Specialist, Tarek believes he is contributing to a better world through the impactful work of BD.

"With a background in pharmacy and a firsthand understanding of the quality of BD solutions, I am confident that I make a meaningful difference in patients' lives every day. Our shared purpose at the company is the driving force behind our success, as each of us plays a crucial role in contributing to a greater good," expressed Tarek.

Navigating Diverse Markets in the Middle East

Tarek collaborates closely with vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, and healthcare professionals, offering education, training, and the promotion of BD's diverse product portfolio in End Stage Kidney Disease, Peripheral Arterial and Venous diseases. Notably, he emphasizes the unique challenges posed by different markets in the Arab Peninsula, where a tailored market and customer strategy is essential to navigate successfully. “It demands a deliberate approach which can be challenging; however, it also allows us to view the entire region in a holistic way," remarked Tarek.

Career progression top of mind

Reflecting on his 2.5 years at BD, Tarek underscores the importance of resiliency, consistency, commitment, and ownership to personal and professional growth. "Progress in your career is like the persistent drops of water breaking a rock. I aim to continually learn and improve, with aspirations to lead teams in the future," shared Tarek.

Speak up culture and support

BD stands out for its unwavering commitment to a speak-up culture and continuous support for learning and development. Tarek highlights the company's receptiveness to new ideas, encouraging associates to share their insights with leadership.

"At BD, sharing your ideas is not met with an outright 'no.' Instead, your proposal is thoroughly evaluated, which is both rewarding and empowering. The robust support from leaders at BD surpasses my expectations, with numerous individuals consistently looking out for my career interests through personal transformation development programs," concluded Tarek.

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