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Yovana Garcia, Head of Shipping and Receiving at the BD Tijuana site, Mexico

Yovana Garcia

Head of Shipping and Receiving at the BD Tijuana site

We are the manufacturers of possible: Empowering Solutions Through Production Planning

In 2015, in Tijuana, Mexico, Yovana Garcia worked as a Production Planner for BD, thriving on keeping things organized. In this role she made sure that production ran smoothly. This involved working with management to create a schedule, making sure materials were ready, and keeping an eye on production overall.

However, her career story with BD took an exciting twist when she was promoted to Head of Shipping and Receiving at the BD Tijuana site. This new role moved Yovana into a dynamic world where she connected with Planning, Distribution, Import & Export, Purchasing, Finance, Engineering, and Suppliers. Suddenly, she was a pillar between different parts of the fast-moving business.

Promotion and then College Graduation

In 2019, Yovana achieved a significant milestone as she graduated from high school. She didn't stop there though – she went on to earn her college degree in 2020. Balancing work and school were challenging, but she embraced it. “The moment I received my college diploma marked not just a conclusion for me, but also the opening of doors to even greater achievements at BD, where my ongoing career journey serves as an inspiration for others,” explained Yovana.

A standout time in Yovana's career so far with BD was her involvement with a substantial software upgrade that aimed to enhance operations overall. Yovana played a key role, becoming a reliable resource for ensuring the implementation's success.

Yovana's achievements bring her immense happiness and satisfaction. Fulfilling her long-held aspiration of completing a degree, despite the non-traditional path, has been a personal triumph she cherishes. Continuously embracing new learning opportunities from every situation, she remains resolute in her pursuit of set goals. This mutual journey with BD has been undeniably advantageous for both parties, and Yovana takes pride in being a part of BD's exceptional legacy.

Reflecting on her Time with BD

When asked about the best aspect of working for BD, she immediately emphasized: "The quality of the people who provide a supportive environment and opportunities for personal and professional development."

When talking about her greatest contributions, Yovana says it's about: "Responsibly getting things done while working with her team at the plant to achieve BD's purpose, our shared purpose." She noted that the main focus is providing service and making sure things get done right to meet delivery goals and meet customers' needs. Being part of this wonderful company, BD, for the past eight years fills me with pride.”

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