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BD actively pursues the best engineering talent from many technical disciplines around the globe to advance our vision. Our innovative and diverse teams include people from a broad spectrum of engineers including research and development, product development, quality, biomedical, materials, mechanical, electrical, chemical, manufacturing, project management and many other fields. We use cutting edge and emerging technologies to design, develop and manufacture our products and solutions, showcasing the dedication of our strong, talented teams. BD is recognized as a world-class, high tech, high quality, reliable supplier by our customers with ambitious goals for the future.

Here are 9 reasons to join our engineering team at BD:

A sense of purpose

Everyone at BD contributes towards advancing the world of health. You wake up knowing you are going to make a difference, every day. BD products are very well-regarded by medical professionals and it inspires pride knowing that people live healthier and happier lives because of what we do.

Continuous improvement culture 

BD is always developing new products and processes – continuously evolving and improving. You’ll work with the best machines, the fastest tech and the best tools for collecting and analysing data. You’ll work with world-class design, automation, and technology partners to develop breakthrough solutions. You’re always learning, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to apply this knowledge to improve quality/process/outputs.

You'll never get bored

You’ll work on a variety of projects, each with interesting problems to solve. You effectively become a subject specialist every time you work on a new project. There is plenty of stimulation and challenge to inspire you to keep learning and improving yourself.

We'll invest in you

From day 1, you’ll always be learning. Your annual plan includes a tailored and structured approach to professional development, and you’ll benefit from formal and informal training from in-house experts (e.g. BD University) and leading external institutions, plus strong mentoring, to build your technical and/or managerial skills.

Strong manufacturing technology

As a worldwide leader, we invest in proprietary tools as well as leading market equipment, coupled with intelligent process efficiency to deliver the best quality products. BD is recognized as an innovative global leader in process technology, including injection molding, packaging, high-speed precision assembly and manufacturing, diagnostic technology and delivery solutions.

A truly professional firm

We’re well-established, stable, interconnected and collaborative. Our leadership provide clear vision and strategy, and we invest in our people, products, processes, tech and capital. We have great core values and a mature approach to business: proven, modern, efficient and grounded in integrity: you can thrive at BD.

Join a global network

With associates in 50 countries, and a culture of collaboration, a wealth of knowledge and opportunities await you. Work with people with diverse skillsets and backgrounds, share in problem-solving, design and develop unique product and process technologies for global markets and customers – and take your career anywhere in the world.

Trust, empowerment and autonomy

BD is pro independent working, so you’re trusted to do a good job and you’re not micro-managed. Self-learning and self-direction are encouraged – but the support is always there when you need it. You’ll be part of a professional interdependent team and empowered to succeed.

For graduates

You’ll enjoy early responsibility and ownership and be in charge of multifunctional tasks – not just simple activities. BD offers you accelerated learning and a clear development path within a supportive and stable environment.

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